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If you’re planning a trip abroad to practice your English, ask yourself if you really want to stay in a conventional hotel or something a little more eco-friendly. Below are just some examples of available accommodation that are a little kinder to the planet.

South Africa – Tree House

The term ‘tree house’ probably conjures up images of small wooden playhouses in trees, but there are a number of artistically designed large houses set within trees offering accommodation amongst nature in South Africa. There are eight tree houses in total, all equipped with the modern facilities you would expect in regular accommodation. For more info visit http://www.treehouse-acc.co.za

Australia – Beach-side Shelter

With Australia’s beautiful beaches, why not take the opportunity to sleep within a stone’s throw of one. Offering deluxe safari tents, log cabins, beach camping shelters and more, you can stay right next to the beach in the adjacent woodland surroundings and fall asleep to the sound of the waves. For more info visit http://www.kooljaman.com.au

New Zealand – Caboose

You could stay in a recycled caboose…what’s a caboose? Well, a caboose is an old disused railway carriage that has been recycled and refurbished into comfortable sleeping accommodation. For more info visit http://www.solscape.co.nz/cabooses/

Canada – Traditional Tepee

A traditional style tepee gives you the opportunity to sleep as the Red Indians did. Each one offers the chance to live in the great outdoors whilst having the luxury of an on-site day lodge for washing and cooking if the weather isn’t good for outdoor cooking. For more info visit http://www.goldenwoodlodge.com/teepee.php

As you can see there are some interesting ways to go on holiday and be sure you’re doing your bit for the environment. These are just a few examples, we’ll bring you some more ideas soon!

Abroad – In a foreign country or countries

Kinder (comparative of kind) – not cause harm or damage

To conjure up (phrasal verb) – to think of or imagine something in your mind

Within a stone’s throw (idiom) – very close

To fall asleep – to go to sleep

Disused – no longer in use

Outdoors – not within a building


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