A Weekend of Shopping in the UK

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Who said you cannot go to London just to do some shopping? With Christmas coming up there are plenty of things worth buying and with the possibility of snapping up a cheap flight these days, it can really be worth it!

Obviously what you might want to buy depends on which country you’re from, but, for example, even a fashion addicted Italian can find interesting clothes in the UK. There are many chains that sell good quality fashionable clothes at affordable prices, Next, TK Maxx, Debenhams and Marks and Spencer are just a few that offer great value clothes for men, women and children. So, you can keep your wardrobe up to date or buy some nice Christmas presents without it costing you an arm and a leg.

Items that are often cheap in the UK are baby products. From nappies to powdered milk, from clothes to dummies. If in your country a pair of baby shoes can cost over 100 Euros, plan a visit to the UK: it’s worth it!

You don’t often hear people complimenting British food, but that’s normally because they don’t look beyond the stereotype, here are just a few great food items you should really take back home with you.

Of course, we have to start with tea! Famous brands like Twinings are generally cheaper in the UK compared to most other European countries, but there are even cheaper ones. For example PG Tips, which can be bought in packets of up to 460 tea bags (yes, 460), is a brand of strong black tea that is often drunk by British people, with a dash of milk of course. You can also find a wide variety of herbal teas: probably not a typically British drink, but still nice to try.

You can also get some excellent cheeses in the UK. Cheddar and Stilton are the most famous: if you are lucky enough to travel to Cheddar (Somerset) or to Derbyshire, Leicestershire or Nottinghamshire (where Stilton is made) look out for a local shop and buy the cheese locally. Otherwise go to a supermarket and choose a good brand: you won’t be disappointed.

There are also Cumberland sausages, seasoned pork sausages that cannot be missed if you are going to Northern England (Cumbria), but also supermarkets can offer very good quality ones.

Since it’s Christmas, why not try the traditional Christmas dessert that is available to buy pre-packed in supermarkets: Christmas pudding. This is a rich fruit cake made with fruit that has been marinated in brandy for 3 weeks. A good alternative are mince pies which are little pies made of a sweet pastry with a spicy fruit filling.

Remember you cannot put big bottles (over 100 ml) of liquids, pastes or gels into your cabin luggage and you should check your country’s regulations about importing meat and dairy. Make sure you leave plenty of space (or weight) in your bags when you leave home for all the things you’re going to buy.

Finally, and most importantly, have a good trip!

Plenty – a large amount of something

To snap up (phrasal verb) – to buy something quickly or enthusiastically because it is cheap

To cost and arm and a leg (idiom) – to be very expensive

Dummy – a rubber or plastic teat for babies to suck and be comforted by

Up to – less than or equal to an amount

Dash – a small quantity of a liquid to be added to something else


One thought on “A Weekend of Shopping in the UK

    LFFL said:
    December 16, 2013 at 1:18 pm

    I hope to make it to London one day! How fun.

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