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Chi ha trovato interessante l’articolo proposto con il post “A hit of air” pubblicato a febbraio, apprezzerà sicuramente questa risposta scritta da una donna italiana residente a Londra. L’articolo prosegue la discussione riguardo al diverso punto di vista che italiani e britannici hanno nei confronti del freddo e dei problemi di salute. Forse non è divertente come il primo articolo, ma è sicuramente piacevole.

Sotto si trova una lista di termini che sarebbe utile imparare…

Buona lettura!

If you enjoyed the article that we posted with the “A hit of air” blog post that we published in February then you’ll probably enjoy this response which was written by an Italian living in London. The article continues the discussion about how Italian and British people have different views towards cold weather and health issues. It is perhaps not as amusing as the first article but it is interesting nonetheless.

Here is a list of vocabulary that would be useful for you to focus on and learn…


Chill – an unpleasant coldness in the air – freddo

Duvet – a quilted bed cover – trapunta

Frost – water vapour that freezes to form a film of ice in the morning – gelo

To yank – to pull back violently – strattonare

To get the hang (of something) – to become used (to something) – abituarsi a

To traipse – to walk wearily or with difficulty – trascinarsi

Gale-force wind – very strong wind – vento di burrasca

To scoff – to speak with contempt – farsi beffa

Stacked – arranged on top of each other – impilati

Eyebrow – the line of hair above the eye – sopracciglio


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